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Rose breeding for more than 100 years or: What else happened between 'Garnette®' in 1942 and 'Paloma®' in 2012. For more than 100 years, the breeding of rose varieties has been a matter close to our hearts. Many things have changed since then, also in our breeder's workshop Rosen Tantau. Both the development of rose breeding and the markets for cut roses have undergone dramatic changes since Mathias Tantau Sr. opened his rose nursery on 6 January 1906.

"Rose breeding has been our passion since 1906. We combine our passion with excellent craftsmanship to create first-class rose varieties."

Foundation of the company Rosen Tantau by Mathias Tantau senior
The trained nurseryman focused his business on the cultivation and breeding of roses. After the First World War, Rosen Tantau brought its first own rose varieties onto the market. Due to the unique and highly valued varieties, the company quickly gained a reputation as an important rose breeder.
Son Mathias Tantau junior continues his father's success
Rosen Tantau's breeds always met the taste of the time. The innovative breeding goal of large-flowered and long-stemmed roses in bright colours enabled the company to quickly make a name for itself outside the country's borders.
Market launch of the variety Ilseta®
Takeover of the business by Hans Jürgen Evers
Due to the increasing global networking of the company, Rosen Tantau became a global player in the rose market during these years. Rose varieties from Uetersen are now grown all over the world and enjoy international recognition.
Market launch of the variety Osiana®
Market launch of the variety Black Magic®
Market launch of the variety Vendela®
Market launch of the variety Akito®
Market launch of the variety Milva®
Market launch of the variety Freedom®
Freedom® is considered the best-selling red rose in the world and is thus a particular success of Rosen Tantau.
Continuation of the business by the current managing director Christian Evers
Tradition and innovation have a high priority in the family business. Years of experience in rose cultivation are complemented by state-of-the-art approaches and ensure that Rosen Tantau is considered one of the largest rose breeding companies in the world.
New construction/expansion of young plant propagation
The young plant propagation in Uetersen was completely rebuilt, i.e. not only enlarged, but also converted to a modern mobile table system.
Market launch of the variety Paloma®
Extension of the greenhouse area for cut roses
The greenhouse area in Uetersen was expanded by a new building of 4,500 m² in Venlo construction. Novelties are presented there throughout the year and budwood is produced for the company's own propagation.
New construction of a greenhouse area for cut roses
Old greenhouses from the 1960s and 1990s were demolished and build to a new, modern building of 8,500 m² with full LED-lightning. It is used for the selection of new varieties, as a show house for customers and for the production of budwood for our own propagation.

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